Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords - Part 1 - Intro and Sludge Entities

dark lord connecting dark lords possession sludge sludge attack Apr 01, 2022

I have read different theories on what happens when you connect with demons.  It is fascinating to read and learn about them.  Different people have many different encounters with them.  One question that has always plagued me is.  Why are they so different at times? 

With Some of them, at first, I raised an eyebrow until I realized that all of these can make sense if I apply my theory of the spiritual world to them.  The theory is that there are many different layers and that the massive nature of the spiritual world allows for multiple truths and realities within its spectrum.   It allows for multiple interpretations and explorations. This theory can account for the vastly different interactions that people have with them.  

I have done a lot of research on connecting with Demons and the Dark Lords.  Experience that is done through reading, research, lessons through my mentors, discussions with others, and my own personal encounters with the Dark Lords.  I am amazed at times at how different the interactions can be.  

Sometimes the experiences I read are so horrifying and so perplexing that I have had to explore deeper to find the answers.  The discoveries I have made have led me to many incredible revelations.  revelations like, in most possession cases it is Sludge entities that will pretend to be Dark Lords like Lord Satan and Lord Lucifer to terrify the one being possessed. Sludge invades its host through fear. Those who have a natural fear of demons and Satan it makes sense they would appear as the Devil to strike fear into the one they are trying to possess.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of knowledge as well as a lack of terminology and definition of the dark beings which leads to a lot of clumping and misidentification of dark entities.  In many of the older books, everything was grouped as a demon and all demons were evil. This made distinguishing them from other entities often impossible. 

This is why it is very important to expand on our knowledge and understanding of darkness and draw from our own personal experiences along with past written resources and begin to restore the honor and dignity of each spirit species. This will allow us to expand what we know of the spiritual world and offer definitions and categories for the beings that reside there. 



The old books make for a starting foundation, but I have found they are full of misconceptions, assumptions, and biases of their time.  However, it is important to look past that and realize that they are acting as a base foundation. This allows us to pick up from where they left off and evolve the theories which will allow us to get a more well-rounded view of what is going on.  

There are many different layers of reality and the spiritual worlds and I will be discussing them more and also my own research with them. 

In this series of posts, I want to talk about the Dark Lord, Deities, Spiritual Entities, and the types of interactions that we can have with them.  At this time there are 6 categories of interactions that I uncovered.  Though I know there are more. This series will focus on the 6 main ones so you can get a frame of reference and begin to see the differences, and profound interactions, that can come from these different types of interactions.  

It is important to note them and be aware of them for some of them can actually be dangerous.  This is why we always say to practice shielding, warding, and cleansing because you don’t always know what you are getting involved with.  It also is important to know how to protect your space and keep your energies free of these forces. 

Many people have experienced horrible things from making bad connections with dangerous entities.  I cannot and will not deny the damage that is done to people who have had horrible encounters with dark and sinister spiritual beings.  However, that is why we need to understand what they are and what is actually doing the damage.  In the past, it was all Demons who caused the damage. However, blaming demons when it is something entirely different only makes it harder to handle the core issue and resolve the situation.

This is why we need to know what it is that we are dealing with so that we can develop the tools to handle these negative entities and take back our power from them.  We need to have solutions for handling malicious and dangerous entities and know how to heal the damage that they do, not just blindly blame demons for everything bad that happens.  

Some people are naturally drawn to the darkness, but with no roadmap on what to do or how to walk it, they can be led to dangerous situations.  There is danger and evil in both the light and the darkness, they are different, but they both can cause suffering and this is something to be very mindful of.  While the light will blind you and melt your eyes to its evil, the darkness will consume you, seduce you, abuse you, destroy you, lead you down the path of obsession, and finally consume you. 

I will talk about different types of connections that happen, and how to spot and avoid dangerous ones because they do happen, and people do get hurt.  This is something that we really want to help people avoid.  

We go by a rule.  If you notice that you are being empowered through connecting, then keep following it.   However, if things start to decay and fall to ruin around you, then it never hurts to look at what is going on.  It is like this in anything though.  I am always challenging my views, and asking myself if the approach I am taking is the right one.  Obsession can lead people to ruin, as can holding onto unhealthy energies and states, but when it is balanced it can lead to powerful truths.  

Never be afraid of challenging what you know, you will either be stronger in faith, or you will have learned something new.  Now, onto the discussions. 

Types of Connections…

1) Connecting with Sludge


This is a dangerous one and yes at times Sludge does mimic the Dark Lords.  There is no time when this connection is safe.  This is where you get situations like “demon” possession and where the victim is abused and attacked.  

There are times when Sludge will mimic the dark lords.  This is a very dangerous situation.  This usually happens with people who are religious or fearful of demons. The sludge wishes to feed on negative states and will scare them into thinking they are being attacked and possessed by a demon.  States of fear allow the sludge entry into the energies of the aura and can lead to openings where it will attach itself and feed from.  It will also continue to portray itself as that demon to perpetuate the fear.  

It also happens when one does not know what they are doing and has not taken the time to develop their spiritual foundation and know how to defend themselves against a spiritual attack.  They jump in too fast and they end up contacting a sludge that pretends to be the Dark Lord they wish to contact.  

One must be very careful in this situation.  This is why we always advise when one begins working with the dark lords and demons to build a spiritual foundation and learn how to protect themselves and learn how to guard their space from forces that will try to get in.  

Work on yourself, and really have an understanding of who you are and the path that you walk.  Have a good foundation when it comes to shielding, warding, and cleansing, and know how to cleanse your space and keep your area safe. 

Sludge beings when they convince one that they are a Dark Lord can gain access to that person's energies and will begin to destroy them. Sometimes Sludge energies work very slowly, very slowly so you seldom even notice what is happening. Other times they get in and work very fast. These fast situations are usually where you get the “I need an exorcism” level of possession.

This can happen with individuals who fear the dark lords and individuals who work with them.  Once the sludge gets access to the individual, it will begin to feed. 

~ Those who are afraid of Dark Lords, the sludge will use fear and torment to get in and terrify the person into surrendering their power and opening their energies. 

~ Those who are seeking to connect, the sludge will use false promises and pleasures to gain access.  

When individuals see the dark lords in a positive way sludge will use seduction techniques to gain entry and make the person let their guard down. Initially, the interaction will appear positive but over time, as it does with sludge, the interactions and the feelings around them will get worse and worse. It will lead to ruin in one's life and the loss of identity of the self.  

The sludge will sometimes demand weird things.  It will deliver on promises but the overall state of your life will get worse and worse.  It is a vicious spiral and can be incredibly frustrating and overall horrible.  There always seems to be a catch to their promises. Also, there usually is a sickly feeling that can be felt when sludge is around, and there might be a sense of foreboding, that something is wrong. 

The sludge will be overly possessive and try to deter you from working with others, or it will only want you to work with it. It will want your worship, your obsession and it will encourage this state.  It will want you to ignore the advice of others and it will attack you or even condemn you for reaching out to them.  It will do anything to keep you in its clutches.

It can at times feel like an abusive relationship that has some highs and incredible lows.  However, the overall state of things will be a slow sink into oblivion.  There are ups and downs in shadow work, and spiritual healing, but the overall state of things should be getting better.  When you are done the healing there needs to be improvement and awakening of the self.  Sludge will shut down growth and will do things to make sure that it stays in control. 

~ The Sludge destroys through the consumption of energies.  Some are slower than others, but like addicts, you will see a decline in the individual and you will see them getting worse and worse. 

~ Holes will appear in the aura because of the energy that is being consumed by the sludge.

~The sludge at times will form a symbiotic connection to its host.  They will think that they need the sludge and become addicted to its presence.  This is one reason why it can be so hard to remove them.  

~ The energy flow is external, inner spiritual world or outer spiritual world and parasitic, it can also be corrosive and corrode the aura energies when in contact.

~ One might experience burn at touching the energies of sludge

~ The sludge will mirror and mimic personal companions and at times there will almost seem like a battle between them.  You will get conflicting messages from your companions.  If you do that is a sign that there may be a sludge around trying to insert destructive messages making it seem like it is from your companions when it is not.

~ Your companions can remove the sludge, but you have to work with them to shift your mindset away from the addictive allure of the sludge.  If you hold the mindset or stay within the vibration of the sludge your companion can only do damage control. They cannot help you fully remove the sludge until you make the shift away from the corrosive vibration.  

~ Sludge energies are addictive and they will try to isolate you from others who try to help you, this includes your spirit companions.  It is ok for companions to request one on one time, and even time dedicated to working with that companion. However, if these requests get threatening, or if they demand that it be the only one with no consideration to what you want, then that is a sign that there is a sludge mimicking your companion and it needs to be cleansed and removed.  

Continued in Part II


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