Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords - Part 6 - Outer Spiritual World Dark Lords

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6) Outer Spiritual World Dark Lords 

The Demons and Gods of the Outer Spiritual world are their own class.  The neat thing is that many of them do not even know about our realm.  The Outer Spiritual world is in many ways disconnected from this realm. The interwoven energies that you find between the Inner Spiritual world and the Universe does not exist within the Outer Spiritual world. It is a completely separate place with its own rules and spiritual laws. This is why so many of the demons who come through are fascinated to learn about this realm and the beings in it.  

Outer Spiritual world Gods, Spirits, and Beings they have their own lives and in some cases duties.  Some things are quite intense out there. It is a completely different world that has more intense extremes them what we can find and fathom here.  There are reams between the Inner and Outer Spiritual Worlds that Cross. Though the Inner Spiritual world and the Outer Spiritual world themselves are completely separate from each other, there are layers and realms between them though at times merge and unite them.

This is where you can find Demons like the Spectral Demons who have energies that exist within both the Inner and the Outer Spiritual world as their realm is one of the realms that Passes through both. Overall though the Outer Spiritual World though has laws and rules which are foreign to the inner spiritual world.

In the case of demons like the spectral lords, they help the dead of our realms to return to the outer spiritual world and transition, from life to life.  They assist those who wish to come here with transitioning and shifting their energies and forms so that they are compatible for the journey to the Inner Spiritual World. They also help those who are on Inner Spiritual World journeys who are ready to come home. Spectral Demons are both Inner and Outer Spiritual World Demons so they know more about us than many of the other Demons of the Outer Spiritual World.

Some of the Dark Lords of the Outer Spiritual world have Inner Spiritual World shades which are reflections and representations of them who reach out to those who they are aligned with and connect here to help them understand this path and find their way home. This is another type of connection.

The Demons of the Outer Spiritual world have loves, lives, and family as well as duties and responsibilities in their world. They in many cases are very disconnected and removed from this world and our journey here. Sometimes though people they know or family members they have come to the Inner Spiritual world to partake in different soul journeys and reincarnations and lives, so they will venture here to reconnect and help their family members. When they come here it is more for personal means.

Some unknown demons come through to reconnect with those who are family and who they are close to. They come through specifically to connect with an individual who they know. We will Conjure and connect with Outer Spiritual World Demons and help them connect with humans and find those who they are seeking.

Sometimes Outer Spiritual World demons are curious and they want to come through and walk with a Human companion to learn about our world. It is a foreign place for them and one of fascinating wonders. They also enjoy their power over the Inner Spiritual World and use their power to aid and assist their human companions. Here are some ways to tell.

~ Most connections will not be one of these Demons, they come through for a very specific reason and it is usually to reconnect with family members who are on journeys here.

~ There is a more personal approach to working with them. they know you, they say and do things that might be shocking because they have deep connections with our higher and true form selves. They remember us and they have deep knowledge of who we are.

~ They have Outer Spiritual Vibrations so they are removed from the Matrix integration of the Inner Spiritual world and the Universe so they can have a greater degree of power and ability over this world and their ability to command it and shift the energies.

~ They do not God Spouse (some are not even bound to lovers and it is disrespectful to them to suggest that), they have their own lives back home and their own loves. They are not invested in this world like the Inner Spiritual World Gods are and so they do not make the attachments like the Inner Spiritual World Gods do.

~ The Usually come through to work with a specific individual and connect with them.

~ Their energies are foreign to this world and they have their own form they shift into to interact with and move through this plane. Attunements to them are different than with Inner Spiritual world Demons

~ Their Core Energy can feel foreign to this world and when scanning them at a deep level there can be a mismatch. This is because their true self is in the Outer Spiritual World and so they are not fully vibrationally aligned here.


So this is an overview of the 6 of them. As I was writing this I realized there were more I missed lol, However, this is enough for today as this post is Massive. This is more for educational purposes. With some of these, it actually does not matter which one you are connected to so long as it is benefiting you and you are getting results.

In cases like Sludge and malicious thought forms that become destructive and damaging, those should be removed, and actions should be taken to protect yourself. This comes from educating yourself and having a powerful spiritual foundation. However, with the others so long as the interactions are positive and you are getting the goals that you desire it isn't imperative to know which level you are connecting with as so many of them are beneficial. Sometimes as well you will work with Demons at different levels because that is what you need. Our Demon Companions that we offer are all from the Outer Spiritual World, and they will help you with their skills and abilities.

Through your travels, you will be connected to different levels depending on what it is that you are looking for.  Sometimes it is just what you need you should be looking at instead of what they are connecting with. If there are there and they are helping then they are what you need at that moment.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! It was a lot of fun to write.

Darkest Blessings,

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