Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords - Part 5 - Inner Spiritual World Dark Lords

dark lord connecting dark lords inner spiritual world inner spiritual world demons inner spiritual world gods Apr 05, 2022

5) Inner Spiritual World Dark Lords 

  n Inner Spiritual World Dark Lord is basically a being that assumes the role of a God or being from the Outer Spiritual world.  They do this because the gods of the outer spiritual world in many cases have their own lives. They are dedicated to their duties and responsibilities and they are not here, though many times the Gods of the Outer Spiritual world resemble familiar elements that can help guide us home. So we have deities, entities, and in some cases shadows of these Gods who are here to help us and guide us on this journey. They are here to find our way home through spiritual guidance.  

They exist as Gods of this Realm and act as guides for those who are traveling here.  The Gods of the Inner Spiritual world follow many pantheons and there are many of them. Our planet alone has over 5000 different gods and spiritual paths, this is just our planet. The Gods of the Inner Spiritual world are here walking this world with us to help us walk this journey and understand our path here. 

They are all incredibly beautiful and unique. They have their own stories and their own mythologies and they are meant to help people who are aligned with the energies of that God to seek guidance and find their way home.  Spiritually I believe that we are not all from one source place. Our energies are as individual and unique as our energies and so the places that we call home are going to be different.

This is why many people are drawn to different religions and faiths. They are drawn to them because different energies are going to align with different individuals. This is why I believe that it is important to uncover the path and energies that are right for you. Most of the connections are with Inner Spiritual World Gods because that is who is here to assist us. They are here to guide us and to help us on this journey.

Inner spiritual world Gods enjoy followers and worshippers from the place of they can help people in a lot of areas.  Many of them don’t want people to actively recruit them though, they want to find the ones who are aligned with their energy so that they can help them and help guide them.  You have seen some people who had said they don't feel drawn to work with a specific God, or they get the feeling that God is not for them.

This is their energy speaking, they are being honest. We are not all going to connect and work with everyone, some Deities are not going to align with us. They don’t get upset when people don’t work with them and they would rather have individuals find their own energetic alignment and find the gods that resonate with them than have millions of followers.  

It is the Same with the Demons and the Dark Lords of the Inner Spiritual World. Some of them are Ancient Pagan Gods who I classify in a completely different area, others are genuine Inner Spiritual World demons who seek to connect with those who are of the darker or demonic vibrations. They are here to act as guides and messengers for those who are aligned with the Demonic and who are seeking help and guidance. The Demon Lords of the Inner Spiritual world will actively seek out connections and interaction with those who align with them to help them.

There are layers to them and here are some methods to know if you have connected to them.

~ they know of the past lives of others and in many cases have connected to you in your past life forms. They know of you and of your energies in this body and others.

~ Deep connections to this realm and to the inhabitants.

~ More invested in this realm than an Outer Spiritual World Entity. In many cases, the Outer Spiritual World entities do not even know this realm exists. They are disconnected from it, while the Inner Spiritual World Layers are deeply connected to it.

~ They always have a presence here and they are tied to this realm, they are a part of it and their energies can be tied back to the fabric of this realm.

~ In some cases many of them are responsible for the crafting, creation, and flow of this world. They are Gods so they can shift the energies and bring to fruition powerful and incredible results.

~Always in this realm as they are a part of it, they watch over the inhabitants and those who reside in the physical realm.

~ They act as guides and will help those who are aligned with them who reach out to them. They will also seek out those who are aligned with their energies and offer their help and assistance.

~ In Some cases they will God Spouse and connect to those who are deeply aligned with them and the path they represent.

~ They have lives here, in some cases spouses, children, and families, but that life is also integrated as Gods of the inner spiritual world and the dimensions of it. They are connected to it.

~ They have an understanding of our realm and they can manipulate it and control it from the rules and laws of the universe.

~ Inner vibrational frequencies.  

i) Connecting with a Malicious Demon

So this is a fact. Not all demons are wonderful.  Just like not all people are wonderful. Everyone is an individual. Demons are darker and more diverse than humans and some of them are dangerous.  Like humans, some demons just like to see others hurt, they like to watch people suffer and writhe on the floor sobbing in pain. There are many different species, species of the inner spiritual world, species of the infernal planes, and the planes of the inner Abyss and Void.  

There are many layers to the inner spiritual world and each one has its own demons which reside within it.  It is the same with Gods and other Earthen Spirits. Some of them have warnings on them when working with them and need to be approached in a very specific way. It is important when working with demons to read up on them and research. Have a good solid foundation for what you are doing and have a strong spiritual foundation.

Most of the demons you connect with when you approach them with respect and courtesy they are not going to give you issues. If you approach them in a disrespectful way or a cruel way there is the possibility that one will get a smackdown, this has happened. However, this is why you go in educated, knowing yourself and your abilities and also having a foundation for the demon that you are going to connect with.

There are many layers and beings within the inner spiritual world. Some are going to be completely safe to work with. Some are incredibly dangerous and precautions need to be taken with them. This is why we say, know yourself and have a spiritual foundation.

Some entities will try to charm you, seduce you, and lead you to your doom with a smile on your face.   Some also might not mean to hurt you, they just might lack an understanding of humans and that we are mortal and that things can kill us. Have a base when you go into this and have your own foundation developed before you start to really explore and wander through the spiritual world. This is very serious work and there is a lot out there that can harm you. A lot of Inner Spiritual world Demons though are Gods. They are Gods of the Demonic Divine and are there to help you and guide you. They are there to aid those who are of the Darkness to learn about themselves and their shadows and find their way home.

Skill with reading dark energies comes from understanding the darkness and its shades, the empowering sides, the disempowering sides, the dangers, and the pleasures.  It is all there but it does take time to learn how to decipher and decode. This is why we say that in the beginning use your own experiences as a guide. If you have challenges but overall your life gets better and better, then keep going. If however, you are noticing that things are getting progressively worse. It is time to relook at your practices and figure out what is going on!

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