Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords - Part 4 - Internal Aspects

dark lord connecting dark lords inner aspects of the self inner daimons inner demons malicious entity shadow work Apr 04, 2022

4) Internal Aspects Manifesting

We have heard this one discussed before.  Some occultists speculate that the Goetic Demons are nothing more than aspects of the mind.  While I believe that the Goetic demons are their own beings I do believe that in some cases this is true.  Sometimes when people reach out to connect with demons and the Dark Lords, they end up connecting with aspects of themselves. 

In these cases, they are not really dangerous unless there is a side to the person that seeks their destruction and their demise. For the most part, the invocation ritual will bring up a part of the magician that either wants to be heard or knows that it can help.

Some people energetically are very internally focused, they have very deep connections that are woven into themselves. Those that are psychically connected to their inner world, during an invocation or summoning ritual, will come to face to face with sides of themselves and aspects that align with the qualities and talents of the demon that they wish to connect with. They project the side of themselves that aligns with the vibrations or their association with the demon.

They are usually not malicious though. They will rise as a side that can help, a side that believes it can contribute your knowledge and wisdom to the situation.  They are a personal aspect that is trying to reveal information and get you to realize things about yourself.  It is the genius sides of our minds that we often ignore.  We have a lot of brilliance and power within us and sometimes the answers that we need rest in the area that we ignore. There are some easy ways to identify if the connection is an internal projection.

~ The energy flow is internal

~ They lack the ability to manifest things you cannot manifest 

~ Promises can go unfulfilled if you are bad at delivering on promises to yourself

~ They only know things that you know

In these cases, it is not a demon. It is a side of ourselves that is being called in the ritual and that is manifesting as the demon that we were calling.  This side of ourselves offers us wisdom and guidance we have a brilliance that is found in the shadows of our soul.   Sometimes the darkness of our mind is all that holds us together, it is what is there for us when we need it and it is not bad.  There are times when it is dangerous, but for the most part, when we connect to destructive aspects of our psyche, it is something that we need to heal and can give powerful insight into what is going on in our shadow.

i) A Malicious Side of the Self

There is darkness in the shadow, our shadows hold many secrets and sometimes those shadows rise as projections to fulfill a narrative of abuse. We sometimes manifest malicious forces that rise to fulfill a punishment or pain narrative that we hold inside of us.  Sometimes we project what we feel we deserve, our fears, and things that are hidden inside of us.  It can manifest and it can reveal itself as a malicious side of the self.  These situations can lead to a manifestation that attacks us and desires to see us fall.

This malicious entity is a projection of what is going on within the mind and it is very important to go into your shadow and do the work you need to clear these malicious forces. You deserve to be free of them and you deserve to release yourself from this pain. Here are some clues for figuring out if this is a malicious side of yourself.

~Shielding does not work on these 

~ The normal spiritual foundation doesn’t work with these malicious sides in fact it might seem like this entity can bypass everything and nothing works. There are special strategies that need to be implemented to handle one of these.

~ Shadow work is usually required to uncover them and remove them as well as inner healing and personal nourishment.

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