Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords - Part 3 - Thoughtforms

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3) Connecting to Thought Forms



Thought-forms... They are beings that have been given life through the thoughts and obsessions of others.  They are those who have come to life through rituals designed to bring life to energies.  In some cases, their original creators have long since departed this world and they end up venturing out and trying to find means to fuel their existence.  

All thought forms are not created equal and while some can be created to be helpful, other are created out of hate and malice. They all need the thoughts and energies of others to continue living.  They seek out people who can feed them and work to create situations to give them energy and allow them to stay relevant. 

Thought forms can be powerful, and depending on how they were created and how strong they have become some are incredible forces and can benefit those who work with them.  Thought form connections can be positive and negative, depending on the thought-form.  I will first talk about the different types. 

i) Personal Thoughtforms

We all have the ability to create thought-form.  This is a skill that we have as creators within this universe.  We can create and give life to thoughts.  Personal ones can start out as fantasies and they can rise into something more, depending on how much energy we put into them.  Sometimes they just remain secret thoughts in our fantasies.  Other times they rise and can assist us in our lives.  

Thought forms are bound to the inner spiritual world.  Much like our physical vessels here, they were created here and it is within the inner spiritual worlds that they remain.  The best way for me to describe them would be like a hologram that has been given a consciousness within our world.  They are bound to the world of their base program, and will always have a connection to the one who created them.  They are bound to the world they were crafted in.  The inner spiritual world matrix, the universal matrix.  The energies they were created from will dictates how far they can travel and what they can do.  

Many recommend that when thought forms have served their purpose they need to be destroyed.  There are rituals that are designed to attain this. This is true for larger ones, but most of them die when their source of energy stops. This is unless they become large enough to find their own food sources and evolve beyond the energies of their creator.  If not, their energies fizzle out and they return to the energies of the universe. 

Our fantasies, our travels through the manifestation realms of the astral planes can lead to the creation of these beings, these thoughts-forms.  People can create thought-forms of the Dark Lords and give rise to them.   I have many times explored whether everything I have worked with is a thought-form. Through years of experimentation and learning about the differences in energies and how they work, I have figured out the differences between a true god and a thought form.  

Thought forms can also be created for others.  There are many magicians who can make and craft thought forms to work with others. They are an energy that is given life by the essence and divine power of the magician and they can be programmed by the magician to do many different things.  They can be incredibly powerful and they are a powerful tool that can help us in many different areas of our life.  

Thought forms can bring us information, they can help us with memory retention, finding love, and manifesting money.  It all depends on what they are programmed to do.  When you create a thought form you infuse an initial program into it. You program it to do what you desire and that initial program will dictate the actions it does and the course that it takes.  

Each thought-form will then act within the confines of the program that you have created for it.  Some will move beyond it if they grow large enough, however, they always will be dictated and directed in some way by that base program.  That basic program will always be present.  Sometimes it can be reprogrammed, but many times once it is completed, that is the basis for that thought form. 

~ They are usually incredibly invested in and devoted to the person they are connected to, they know their creator and in the beginning especially they want to assist their creator and help them. (Sometimes they grow to hate their creator, this can be a very dangerous situation, however, they have to be very large for this to happen)

~ They grow as you grow, when you walk side by side with a thought-form that you have created, and when they grow large enough, they will mirror you and grow by watching and observing you.  

~ They follow the individuals' personal story and the story that is created for them.  This base story shapes them and the journey that they take.  

~ They can energetically be an extension of the one who created them. They know what the person knows and they can offer insights into the individuals' inner wisdom. They offer nothing else until they grow large enough to assimilate their own information.  

~ They live in a bubble world that usually follows an archetype story and they fulfill that archetype.  

~ They follow their creators' habits and in many ways can reflect the values and morals of the one who created them.

~ Energy is heavily internally focused and you can find the basic program of the one who created them within them.  When they are created they will have an internal energy flow with their creator.  This can be used to determine a thought form from an entity.  


ii) Evolved Thought-Forms

There are thought-forms of the Dark Lords.  There are Dark lord thought forms that have been created from the obsessive wishes and rituals of those in this world.  Some are created from the fears of others who see demons and the Dark Lords as evil, so these thought-forms are dangerous and they can actually cause a lot of damage to those who cross paths with them.  

Some of them want to remain relevant, so they will cling to individuals and basically lead them down a path wanting them to feed them and keep them alive.  Thought forms that have grown enough to survive on their own evolve, they need the energies and beliefs of others to survive and grow, so they will seek out others to fuel these needs. 

Some have speculated that the Goetic Demon and other beings are in fact just highly sophisticated thought-forms also called Egregores.  In this case, they will possess all the abilities of an Egregor and can in fact be very powerful and helpful.  In some cases, I can see this being true. I believe some of the encounters people have with the Goetic Demons are in fact Egregors that have evolved. I know that within the nature of the inner spiritual world it would make sense that some beings who claim to be Dark Lords are actually just Egregors of those Dark Lords, a Hologram of sorts, a projection.  

Sometimes people are indeed working with older thoughtform demons. In many cases, there is nothing wrong with this.  They were created to grant the will of the magician and were there to help. In many cases they do. They have evolved and are incredibly powerful and will offer services in exchange for faith.  They are nourished by our faith, dedication, and connection and so it is a positive and mutual exchange. They usually find sources for feeding and many times will help those who believe in them and work with them on their goals.  

They will thrive and become stronger as the belief in them grows.  There are limitations though and there will be an underlying base program that will dictate their actions, but, for a highly sophisticated one that can be quite deep and it can be very hard to tell the difference between a Genuine Demon and a Thought Form Demon. 

I have explored different ways to tell.  

~ Their programs can be seen when you look deep in their energies and they have limits.  They also will be bound to the inner spiritual world and cannot move beyond its confines.  

~ One who understands Egregores can look into their code and see the base programs.  When they get large enough it gets harder to see, but the subtle layers are there. You can see the essence and the influence of the one who created them and you can see the energies bound to the inner universal layers. Deep connections to the physical plane reveal that a magician had a hand in this being's creation.

~ They have baseline energy that is connected to not only this realm but the one who originally programmed them, you can get a sense of these energies with a deep scan of them

~ They carry their creators' base code and you can trace it back to their moment of creation. For those who can follow the essence of time existence within this plane, you can follow their energies back and see when they formed.

~ They are inner spiritual world and physical universal plane vibrationally attuned


iv) Collective Thought Form 

This expands on the Evolved thought-form.  Sometimes a collecting group will come together and they will create a thought-form through their collective beliefs.  Due to the added energies, these thought forms can grow faster over time and they can become powerful gods in their own right.  

Thought forms though need the energies of others feeding them to survive.  Without worshippers, without those who follow them and feed them, they can diminish and vanish.  Outer Spiritual world Demons don’t really want to be known on a large scale,  they don’t want worshippers and they would prefer to work with someone one on one, they don’t need the energies of worshippers. Nor do they want it. 

Thought-forms, on the other hand, want EVERYONE to know about them, they want their name spread and they want followers and worshippers to be known and loved.   Many times this is completely positive. If they have followers and worshippers, the energies flow to them and they enjoy lavishing their followers with gifts and rewards. Connecting with one of these can be a very positive and empowering encounter.

These thought forms can become dangerous if they lose their followers.  Thought forms that need a lot of energy and do not have a lot of feeding sources will always be looking for sources to feed them. They are the most dangerous when they are desperate and they will often try to lure people in with promises, they will be able to fulfill some things but they often are in an energy drain and so they become more and more desperate and more dangerous to those who connect with them.

When Thought-forms become Dangerous.  

Thought forms do need energy to survive, sometimes they become so big that they break free of our initial programs and evolve.  They will then seek out new sources to exist and stay alive.  They will find others to feed them and believe in them.  Some can become incredible massive gods of the inner spiritual world in their own right, though they still will need energy to survive, as that energy wanes, so do they.  

This also gets dangerous when they are actually out to get people, some do enjoy carnage and destruction, this is a fact of life, sometimes there are no lessons, there is nothing, just a joy of destruction.   There are thought forms created from the hate, malice, and cruelty of others. They are created from the pain and suffering of victims and their only purpose is to create these situations. These are the ones that are dangerous, though forms are not always dangerous and many times they can be helpful.  It is when you connect with the dangerous ones that problems arise.  

They will usually seek you out and try to form connections and contracts quickly.  When you are looking to connect, they will take note and quickly try to implant themselves and cling to you. They can actually become like personal gods to the individual to who they have attached.  Many times they will try to find more than one follower so they have multiple sources to feed.  Some of them were created out of hated and malice so they need those energies to feed them and they create situations where those energies are plentiful.   

Dangerous ones tend to feed on negative emotions, so even though they will appear to be helpful they will push you towards horrible places. They will want you to isolate and focus on them so that they get more energy.  They also might try to create cult-like settings where their worshippers are brainwashed to feed them energies.  There are things to always consider and watch out for.

As I said, not all thought forms are bad, and many times working with them can be beneficial, however, things to watch out for are. 

~ Situations where you are told to focus only on the being (this isn't always the case but it can be a warning sign) 

~ Isolation from people and other entities through various means of control and manipulation

~ Creating situations that lead to negativity and pain

~ An almost obsessive connection to you 

~ Connections that seem to feed the being, inner spiritual world gods, and Outer spiritual world gods do not need feeding.  

~ Having to include them being in everything you do where you have to send them energy or feed them.  

~The energy source is internal if the individual created it, or external if it was created by another.  

~ There is source energy of the creator within it and it can be traced back to its creator. 

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