Exploring Different types of Connections when working with Demons and the Dark Lords - Part 2 - Mimicking Entities

dark lord connecting dark lords mimicking dark lords trickster entities tricksters Apr 02, 2022

2) Connecting to another Entity that Mimics Demons and the Dark Lords

There are entities out there, some of them are shapeshifters and tricksters who will take on the form of a Dark Lord or a being that you are trying to contact.  Usually, when they are impersonating the deity they are there for malicious reasons, but sometimes it is just because they are a trickster.  

A deity or entity who genuinely wants to work with you will usually appear as they are.  They will not come disguised as another.  When one is disguised as another, something foul might be afoot.  There also might be an anterior motive going on.  When the initial introduction is one of deception it is important to be mindful. 

There are times when the mind will make them appear as something different or your third eye will translate their appearance in a way that is similar to someone else.  But it is important to know that sometimes when you go to connect with a demon or deity, trickster spirits or malicious shapeshifters will show up instead.  

There are some times when this will be positive. Some deities might use association with another to get you to see them.  For example, if they are a fallen angel who has a connection to you, but you can’t see them, they appear as Lucifer using association to help you connect to them.  They come as one you are familiar with to make the initial connection and build that association.  

That is not a negative association, that is the being using your associations to build the connection, and usually, as soon as they can, they will reveal themselves and reveal the truth to you so that you can begin working with them as they are.  Some trickster spirits can show up to teach lessons through trickery.  When working with those who know that deception and illusion will be part of the work, and the entity is not usually who they appear to be. For the most part though, when something is mimicking a dark lord they are not there to help.  

The ones that are there for nefarious purposes.  They will play games and will try to lead you down their path. They enjoy the games and they enjoy watching you follow them and try everything only to have it all fail.  They enjoy the destruction and discord that their presence brings.

They like the build up the energies and lead you to disappointment.  They like to see faith and hope shattered and they teach hard painful lessons.  They are not there to build you up, but for the drama and amusement that your suffering brings.  Often times they just enjoy the pain that their actions bring and will see how far they can make you fall.  They take joy in things being crushed and destroyed and they do enjoy the drama and the show of others' suffering. 

I knew someone was working with an entity and it was them telling them they wanted the most insane things.  There was no lesson and it always lead to this person being humiliated and nothing ever working out.  Nothing ever seemed to get better.  It turned out they were working with an entity that enjoyed watching them fall flat on their face and was always setting them up for failure.  Some entities enjoy the suffering of others, it brings them pleasure and they create terrible situations for their own enjoyment. 

Many of these entities like to take on the form of something we are looking for.  Something that we desire and need.  This is why the ego needs to be kept in check when working with dark entities. You have to be able to have the discernment to know what you are working with and be able to get past your own emotions.  They will play on your ego and emotions and they will twist you and manipulate you.  

I have said it before, the second you think you can handle the darkest of the dark.. well you are doomed to fall.  These guys are not even the worst.  They will bring you incredible bad luck and it will be frustrating and stagnating, but there is much worse out there.  They enjoy all the bad, torture, and pain that is happening and they will work to bring more.

I have had bad things happen, but it has always led to something better.  The difference is my old life needed to be stripped down for my new life to rise. It was temporary bad to bring in the good. Overall I have always had more good fortune than bad.  I am being built up, things keep getting better, they get more and more amazing and they are growing and expanding.  I do have to let things go and sometimes bad things will happen, but it will always lead to something better. When dealing with one of these entities it never gets better, it can actually get worse.  

My demons pull me out of the bad times, they don’t hold my head under the water while pretending to be my friends.  When you have continuous bad happening, you need to look at what is happening and maybe what you are connecting to.  It might be something sinister who is laughing at your fall.  It might just be for their comedic relief.  There might be something around that has won your attention who are actually bringing you to ruin.

Your demons and spirit companions can to a degree remove these entities unless you continually invite them in, then they can help, but there will not be a permanent fix until the attachment is removed. With these types of entities, the attachment must be removed.

It has taken me years of studying darkness to understand the subtle differences.  This is why when I conjure I keep an eye out for many things.  The layers of the spiritual world and being able to discern the darkness and what is happening in each situation. These details are all very important.  In some layers, it is very twisted and convoluted and you have to be very careful.   This is why we always advise building your spiritual foundation and learning your foundational skills.  

There are ways to tell if you are connecting to a malicious trickster instead of a genuine demon.  Listening to your intuition, watching the subtitles that are happening around you. Tricksters can be from the outer spiritual world, though many of them are from the inner spiritual world and our own universal plan. These are the spiritual layers that are folded within the Earth.  

They can bring lessons, but sometimes those lessons are dangerous and for those who do not walk the path of a trickster they are best to be avoided (those who walk the path of a trickster understand these energies and it is part of their journey, but for those who just wanted to connect with a Dark Lord these situations can be dangerous).   Malicious tricksters are very destructive and crossing paths with these beings can leave your life destroyed with no benefit to you.  

These entities serve their own interests and desires, they don’t care about you, they care about the situation and their pleasure and benefit.  While some will bring lessons, it is always a good idea to be mindful of just how beneficial those lessons are. Question what is happening, what you want to happen, and question where the source of your troubles is coming from.  

Having a good spiritual foundation and connection to your higher self can prevent this.  Shielding and remembering your own power can push these entities out and help you define your space and take your power back.  You do not want anything around that does not consider you and have your best interests in mind.  You don’t want to work with something that only sees you as the butt of the joke.  

Warning signs you might be working with one of these entities.  

~Sometimes they are not so horrible, you just won't really go anywhere and you will be in an endless loop where your life is full of bad luck. Some spirits are just lonely and want attention.

~ It ends up being annoying as nothing really happens and your life feels like it is stagnated and not moving in any direction.  

~ You find yourself the center of jokes with no lessons or rewards and you feel at times that you are being toyed with.  

~ Sometimes they can be incredibly destructive and push things too far that people and things you care about die

~ Your life will feel like a joke that is taken too far, it isn’t funny anymore and you just want to get off this ride.  

~ They don’t care about you or your feelings and can actually cause emotional damage as they push things further and further satisfy their need for drama. 

~ The energy source is external, they do not come from within and are not a manifestation of the mind, they are an external entity that comes into your life to cause drama and chaos.   



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